Erich (writer of LEADING EXPONENTIAL CHANGE, April 2018). He will talk of creating business transformations that create flexible organizations


How is it possible that just a few electoral polls correctly predicted the presidency of Donald Trump? Why did Brexit or other events in Europe and the world take so many by surprise?

For many, they came like a bolt from the blue; they may have recognized the possibility that such events could occur, however, they were quite remote possibilities. Even the most established prediction techniques showed them as unlikely.

Personally, I would never have imagined that a simple search engine like Google would dominate the world of information, that we would stop using SMS, or that Apple would resurface as an industry forerunner.

The fact is, the world today is much more complex, moving and changing faster for all of us, and no one is immune, not even the most successful leaders of well-known companies. Our world today is full of shocking events and surprises that are part of daily life.

Join this conference from the author of "Leading Exponential Change" (April 2018) to know more about running Business transformations that go beyond Agile and Scrum.

Learning Objectives

Organizational patterns

Exponential growth of markets

how to cope with uncertainty



Enterprise Social Systems

Format: Workshop (90 minutes)

Speaker Biography

Erich B├╝hler is the founder director, main mentor and trainer at Innova1st Consulting. He began his professional career in 1993 and spent several years in positions of different global enterprises in Uruguay, Spain, London, Malta and New Zealand before establishing his own company.

His beginnings were in software, which gave him the bases to know in depth the problematic and transition towards a digital and agile organization. He has helped several private and governmental initiatives, he is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, outstanding youth 2002 in Uruguay,and has published 2 books.