Discover how to apply Enterprise Social Systems to find solutions for many of the challenges your company is facing.

Learning Objectives

This workshop is valuable to any leader, consultant, ScrumMaster, or Agile Coach in the midst of a business transformation, working to scale up a product, increasing the delivery of business value, introducing market disruptions, or finding fresh ideas and techniques for the traditional company. They will learn after the session some patterns, anti-patterns and Enterprise Social Systems.

Format: Workshop (90 minutes)

Speaker Biography

Erich Buhler is a Senior Agile Consultant, CSP, and CSM who has been helping organizations since 1993.
He is the author of the first guide for successful social designs for Agile and digital organizations. The guide has allowed Agile coaches and consultants to create better and safer enterprises, be more flexible, and become more adaptable and able to balance learning with outstanding delivery. He has been helping companies in Europe, South America and New Zealand for many years. He also organized the First ScrumDay in Valencia (Spain) and Chile and has been lecturing in many international events in Asia, Europe and America, and regularly contributes with Scrum Alliance.