Raiffeisen Bank International — Dependencies: Can Your Agile Teams Handle Them? ..and if not, how?(EN) Featured

15:30 - 16:15 Track A

Speaker: György Tokovicz
Language: English
Format: Presentation

Should “managing” really be the default response to dependencies? Is there a better approach? What options and tools do we have to handle different kinds of dependency? Reliance on anything or anyone is a huge struggle for many agile teams, especially in large organizations. In this session, we will search and hopefully find some answers to the questions above.

Speaker Bio:
Gyorgy Tokovicz
Gyorgy Tokovicz is an agile practitioner with 15+ years of experience working with mid-size and large companies in various domains. He supports teams on their agile journey by providing training, consultancy, and working together with them. In addition, he helps organizations overcome barriers, like bureaucracy, unnecessary processes, and governance