Erste Bank — How to Cut off Development Times & Get Feedback From Real Users (EN) Featured

11:00 - 11:45 Track B

Speaker: Andra Stefanescu
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Case Study

Beschreibung: The talk will be showing through examples how to get immediate feedback from real users while skipping the development period and use Design Sprints and prototyping for it. It shows the benefits of getting user experience first and how to incorporate this in real products development life while living the Scrum cycles.

Speaker Bio:

Andra Stefanescu
Andra Stefanescu , Scrum Master at Erste Digital GmbH and Freelancer as Workshop Designer & Facilitator.
Working for more than 16 years within IT in different industries while helping teams to unlock their hidden potential and find their way of working together. I am supporting teams getting faster valued outcome while experimenting and trying different things like Design Sprints, LSP during workshops. More details at: