Parkinson's Law revisited (… and it’s impacts on Home Office Work) Featured

13:00 - 13:45 Track A — Europasaal A

Speaker: Robert Herzig
Language: English
Format: Talk

In this talk we will have a look at the well-known Parkinson’s Law and its corollaries. Does work really expand or shrink to the time we give it? How does it correlate with estimations and how does this play out with new ways of working? Several agile paradigms have been altered out of necessity during the pandemic. Some things are being viewed differently now, given with all that we learnt during this time.

So how do old theories now fare given the new knowledge. Were they ever valid and are they valid now?
We want to inspect what we have learnt in the last years and share those findings with you.

Learning objectives:
- Is Parkinsons Law really applicable? (and is it a law indeed?) - How does Homeoffice change work in regards to time? - Why is there less conflict when working distributed? - Is absence of conflict desirable."

Speaker Bio:

Robert Herzig
Robert Herzig Robert - Jack of all Trades - Master of None.
From developer to software architect to the classical project manager. From startup & freelancer to consultant in a corporation. Then product owner, scrum master and finally agile coach. The possibilities for change have always been welcome. Lately his focus has shifted back from coaching to experimentation with gamification within product development.

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