Full Metal Agile - Redux Featured

14:00 - 14:45 Track A

Speaker: Robert Finan
Language: English
Format: Talk

Description: The Agile Drill Sergeant webcomic originally started out as a challenge to actually finish 12 cartoon strips - as my success rate before that had been zero. I applied agile thinking to getting minimal viable comics finished and - lo and behold - it has since become a hobby resulting in over 100 comics. And they're all about my experiences (and those of my friends) with Agile Transformations!

In my presentation I'll use the cartoons to take a few pot-shots at some of my favourite targets: managers vs. leaders, pilot projects, agile-washing, hybrid working, groups vs. teams, and the beauty of physical Kanban boards. So there should be something for everyone

For all the agile coaches, scrum masters and teams that have laughed and cried about their agile journey - you're not alone! Hopefully as you recognise similar situations and experiences, you'll leave with a smile on your face ;-)

Speaker Bio:
Robert Finan, always liked drawing, but his father made clear there wasn’t much of a career to be had in it. Having accepted that his talent would only have proven his father right, Robert studied engineering in Dublin before acquiring a master’s and a doctorate in Dundee. Despite this overdose of academia, he still managed to find a proper job.

Having tried most jobs in the IT industry, Robert finally came to rest as an agile coach. It was then that he decided to apply to his drawing the same lessons that he taught his customers: iterations, time-boxing, inspect and adapt, strive to get something done rather than striving for perfection. After 4 decades of starting comics and never finishing them, this agile approach led to the Agile Drill Sergeant webcomic.

When not drawing comics (or drinking Guinness), he can be found plying his trade as an agile coach with TechTalk in Vienna."
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