Does Agile Transformation Impact Our Mental Health? Featured

15:00 - 15:45 Track A — Europasaal A

Speaker: Tjasa Mesko
Language: English
Format: Talk

My most memorable experience as a scrum master was with the team where we also spontaneously played badminton every Monday. We were spending our free time together: first an hour in the public transport, then badminton and many times we had a dinner with a drink after that also. Week after week. We were looking forward to Monday on a Sunday evening. Even now, I keep contact with some team members from that time and I get a message now and then when something important happens in their lives. We are still connected. We went through the agile transformation together, transformed from a very waterfall project management style to scrum. While doing that, we adapted the team composition somewhat, scrum made the skill needs visible and we were able to get the funding to recruit the missing skills. 6 months down the line of the transformation, we were playing badminton.

Speaker Bio:
Tjasa Mesko has built her experience developing and designing business analytics applications for different multi-naturals over the last 25 years. Currently she is focusing on helping teams grow in a role of a scrum master. Through the last 5 years she has been a scrum master for 11 IT teams, system engineering as well as data warehousing. Privately, Tjasa is a yoga teacher and she tries to link her work with the experience from teaching and practicing yoga.
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