Do We Need QA in Agile Software Development? Featured

16:15 - 17:00 Track B — Europasaal B

Speaker: Dmitrii Zakharov
Language: English
Format: Talk

Everyone is talking about agility nowadays, and not only in the context of software development. Although it is the area that agile methodologies originated from and it’s the area they’re most widely used in, quality assurance as an essential part of software development is still being misunderstood, neglected and/or implemented in a completely “un-agile” manner. QA engineers are often removed from the development team or supposed to perform testing only after the implementation is done (waterfall-way).

Benefits of introducing QA processes in a truly agile way, synchronously to the development, are enormous: from improved KPIs, reduced time-to-market, increased ROI, to avoiding critical failures in the production. The aim of this talk is to address the most common problems when it comes to quality assurance in agile software development and to provide solutions for various setups, all of which will improve your products and customer satisfaction immensely.

Speaker Bio:
Dmitrii Zakharov
Dmitrii Zakharov is a Senior QA Engineer at Parkside Interactive. Having worked for large corporations and SMEs, he has experience in both test management and test automation be it within in-house development or outsourcing projects. Before joining Parkside, Dmitrii worked as a System Test Unit Lead at Deutsche Telekom, contributing not only to particular projects but also to the overall QA strategy of the company.
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