Beyond WIP Limits: How to Improve your Kanban System Featured

Speaker: Sally Sloley
Language: English
Format: Talk

Kanban has been the most useful tool I’ve ever come across. I use it daily. I have personal boards, I build boards for my kids, I use them at work, and I train others so they can do the same. This workshop will be an introduction to the power of kanban once you've got the basics down. If you are looking to move beyond just visualizing your work and limiting your wip, this workshop is for you. Everyone who attends will get access to a .pdf workbook that they can use to collect their ideas and make notes of the things they want to try next. Join me to learn how to take a boring task list and turn it into something that will motivate you to get things from doing to done!

Learning objectives:
• Understanding why kanban is so powerful
• Learn how your board can reveal challenges and learn what you can do about them
• Collect actions you can use to take your kanban board to the next level

Sally Sloley
Sally Sloley is an Agile Coach, she specializes in Visual Agile Management and works mostly in Sydney, Australia. Sally cut her agile chops at Microsoft, where she worked as a technical web person for over 20 years. Her agile experience spans a variety of industries, from high-tech to telecom to financial to airline. Sally is a co-founder of multiple Lean Coffees, enjoys organizing agile conferences like LAST, and speaks internationally.
Sally is an AKT with Kanban University, accredited in Lean Agile Visual Management through Modus Institute.
Remote / Streaming: Gigler Zimmer / Laptop required