Teams Self-Design — Benefits & Side Effects Featured

Speaker: Denis Salnikov
Language: English
Format: Talk

In the Agile community we talk a lot about the ""self-organized"" or ""self-managed"" teams - the ones, that control and manage their work themselves. But many organisations have already gone beyond that and let people not only choose HOW to work, but also WHICH problems to address or WHOM to work with. As suggested by Richard Hackman, we can call these teams "Self-Designing".

In my talk, I would like to share key findings and lessons learned I have observed while conducting self-design events and providing further support to self-designed organisational structures over the last four years. You will learn how having the freedom to choose whom to work with and what goal to pursue affects motivation, commitment, focus, quality and outcomes of the Product delivery and its contributors.

I believe that by possessing this information and a ready-to-apply facilitation design I will share, you will be able to make Self-Design happen at your own company to benefit both the people and the business.

Learning objectives
From this talk attendees will:
- learn about the speaker's experience
- discover the benefits & potential side-effects of Self-Design for your company, teams and individuals may face when applying self-design
- receive a ready-to-apply structure and facilitation draft for a self-design activity.

Speaker Bio:

Denis Salnikov is a certified Scrum Master, Kanban Coach & Agile Coach actively consulting, coaching, mentoring, and teaching cross-functional development teams, companies management, and organisations since 2014.

Denis has led and taken an active part in several agile transformations initiated from scratch, working with both development teams and management, helping to establish and foster an agile mindset, self-organization and product ownership. He has supported several companies across Europe and US in their LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework adoptions. His scaling experience also includes Nexus framework and “Spotify model”.

He actively contributes to the Software Development and Agile communities speaking at conferences, taking part in podcasts and writing in his Medium blog. Denis is also the founder of Agile Kuban (Krasnodar, RU) community.
Remote / Streaming: Gigler Zimmer