How to Do More Work in Less Time Using Innovation Design Thinking and Workshopping Techniques? Featured

Speaker: Andra Stefanescu
Language: English
Format: Workshop

The ability to collaborate in a valuable way is built on a few key levels 1. Shared language and terminology 2. Shared practices and exercises 3. Shared easy to navigate methodologies and recipes The interactive workshop will go through these points and show while practicing the power of these levels. The benefit of the participants will be that they will learn in a very short time how to apply all of this in order to help their teams do more work in less time independent of their type of products they are building or industry they are working in.

Learning objectives
1. Try out to work with shared language and terminology and see the difference to standard work
2. Experience practices and exercises that help your team be fast aligned and take decisions
3. Get easy to navigate methodologies and recipes to be able to apply this in your next challenge

Speaker Bio:
Andra Stefanescu
Andra Stefanescu helps teams create valued outcome fast. Workshop Creator @ Facilitator, Trainer.
Remote ONLY / Streaming in Rieckhzimmer / laptop required