Petri Heiramo

I am particularly interested in looking at Scrum and Agile as a holistic approach to improving the competitiveness of businesses. I have coached teams and organisations at the different levels of their operation - practices, team behavior, project management, product ownership, organisational structures and behavior - and each level has its own interesting challenges. It is taking ownership of the whole stack that delivers the best results.

I've studied and practiced Agile methods actively since 2005, mostly from an organizational process improvement perspective. I was certified as Certified Scrum Practitioner in April 2007 and as a Certified Scrum Trainer in November 2008. I have run more than 300 certified trainings, plus many other trainings and coachings, on a global scale ranging from small companies to multinationals.

I've garnered almost 20 years of experience in developing software as a developer, project manager, QA manager, ScrumMaster, process developer, coach and trainer - and experienced both the traditional and Agile approaches to software development. I've been involved in a wide variety of projects and, as a result, I've also seen the positive effects of Scrum on the human side of software development. Seeing people enjoy their work again, in addition to delivering high value, has been my greatest joy in Agile deployments. Of course, seeing a happy and engaged customer is great too, and so is instilling a new kind of pride and common sense in the work people do.

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Petri Heiramo