Dear friends of agility,

we are very happy to announce that the Agile Austria Conference 2021 is happening! After much consideration of the pros and cons we came to the conclusion that the possibility of meeting and celebrating in person is unfortunately still not realistic.

However, we will organize AAC 2021 as an exciting, interactive online conference, with enough opportunities to discuss, laugh, network and talk about our favorite topic "agility". Our desire to learn, teach, and share our expertise is greater than ever.

To make AAC 2021 a little bit different than already quite a few online conferences, we came up with a special format for this year: an online wine tasting where participants will get a wine tasting package sent home.

Another thing we would also like to highlight is our fundraising campaign. All net proceeds will benefit the SOS-Kinderdorf Stübing.

Check out the program HERE, we look forward to exciting discussions at the AAC 2021 and can't wait to see you there.

Your Agile Austria Conference Team

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Announcement Sigi Kaltenecker Strengthening Agile Management — how we can collaborate better companywide?

Along with agility, management has also come under fire. In all relevant literature of the last 20 years, we repeatedly encounter the same points of criticism: mechanistic thinking, outdated organizational structures, hierarchical instruction and control systems, etc. But what has this repeated criticism achieved? How have managers moved since then? In my keynote, I address these questions using some typical phenomena that I have observed time and again in a wide variety of companies.

Dr. Siegfried Kaltenecker is the joint managing director of Loop Consultancy based in Vienna. Since many years he works as a lean and agile expert for various enterprises such as bwinparty, Magna, Raiffeisen, REWE Digital, Swiss Railways or willhaben. Sigi is the co-creator of Enterprise Kanban and Flight Levels Coaching, authored Leading Self-Organising Teams and Self-Organising Enterprises, and co-authored Kanban Change Leadership (with Klaus Leopold).

Keynote Announcement Sohrab Salimi Product Leadership - how do we empower and enable product owners?

Great products are created when a great team faces the empirical process and develops the product step by step, closely co-operating with the customer. So much for the theory. Every company I've gotten the chance to work with has had great challenges finding these great teams. One core role is product owner's. These individuals need to be developed, but how to do that — no framework talks about. Enter Product Leadership. Details will follow in the talk.

Sohrab Salimi is a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, providing awareness for improved leadership competency and value delivery. Founder of Scrum Academy (the leading agile training and coaching company in Europe), co-developer of the Agile Leadership Journey (a collaborative community of agile leadership educators) and a Certified Scrum Trainer®. Highly devoted to providing strategic consulting and guidance to transforming the world of work.

Special Guest

Michael Lehofer
Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Lehofer is since August 2008 the medical director of the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital Siegmund Freud Graz as Primarius. In the fall of 2017, Prof. Lehofer was appointed as the new medical director at LKH Graz Süd-West. He is a book author and a popular speaker at various conferences.
A new culture of relationships and vitality

Agility is increasingly becoming a topic for many companies. The question arises: What makes us unagile? Agility is the result of a functioning culture of interaction in which personal responsibility and creativity are cultivated. Digitization, as an expression of the human brain expansion has not only brought immense possibilities in terms of progress, but also involves destructive possibilities of control. Destructive because people usually feel offended by control. Control offends unless it is involved in a personal relationship. Being offended makes one unagile. We need a new culture of relationships and liveliness for our companies.


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