Dear friends of agility,

we are very happy to announce that the Agile Austria Conference 2021 is happening! After much consideration of the pros and cons we came to the conclusion that the possibility of meeting and celebrating in person is unfortunately still not realistic.

However, we will organize AAC 2021 as an exciting, interactive online conference, with enough opportunities to discuss, laugh, network and talk about our favorite topic "agility". Our desire to learn, teach, and share our expertise is greater than ever.

To make AAC 2021 a little bit different than already quite a few online conferences, we came up with a special format for this year: an online wine tasting where participants will get a wine tasting package sent home.

Another thing we would also like to highlight is our fundraising campaign. All net proceeds will benefit the SOS-Kinderdorf Stübing.

Good things take time, so we kindly ask you for a little patience regarding our new program. Ticket sales will start soon and if you would like to receive regular information about the AAC, please stay in touch with us by subscribing HIER.

Your Agile Austria Conference Team

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Announcement Sigi Kaltenecker Road to Agile Nowhere.

Many of us have been on the agile road for quite a while. We have driven substantial changes and helped to create both better products and better workplaces. What did we learn so far? What are we busy with at the moment? Where are we headed to? In my interactive talk I would like to share a few answers and explain why I see the risk of ending up in no-man´s-land. I will address a few roadblocks I have stumbled over such as the agile all-in-one-medicine, the Asterix paradox or the management bashing cult. And I will show how some of my clients have found their own destination in continuously improving employee happiness, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Sigi Kaltenecker is the joint managing director of Loop Consultancy based in Vienna. Since many years he works as a lean and agile expert for various enterprises such as bwinparty, Magna, Raiffeisen, REWE Digital, Swiss Railways or willhaben. Sigi is the co-creator of Enterprise Kanban and Flight Levels Coaching, authored Leading Self-Organising Teams and Self-Organising Enterprises, and co-authored Kanban Change Leadership (with Klaus Leopold).

Keynote Announcement Sohrab Salimi 7 Lessons from Medicine on Building Healthy Organizations.

In my talk "7 Lessons from Medicine on Building Healthy Organizations" I want to outline the similarities that are required for becoming a healthy human being and for creating a healthy organization. The talk will dive deeper into three key aspects of achieving organizational health, making a company more productive, more human, and more sustainable. Each lesson starts with a story from the world of medicine. Some stories are related to interactions with patients, some with colleagues, and some are related to ground-breaking medical research. The key principles behind building healthy organizations are as simple as the principles behind becoming a healthy human being. The tough part is to do the things one wants to do.
Sohrab Salimi is a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, providing awareness for improved leadership competency and value delivery. Founder of Scrum Academy (the leading agile training and coaching company in Europe), co-developer of the Agile Leadership Journey (a collaborative community of agile leadership educators) and a Certified Scrum Trainer®. Highly devoted to providing strategic consulting and guidance to transforming the world of work.


The Agile Austria Conference is jointly organized by:

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