Wolfgang RichterAgile enthusiast since 1998

Dr. Wolfgang Richter is founder and CEO of JIPP.IT GmbH, an Agile Change Agency and Software Development House. He studied Telecommunications and Informatics at the Technical University Graz where he gained his MSc. He gained his PhD with honors from the University Klagenfurt. His main topic of research was the relation between project management, organizational structures, and agile software development methods. To complement his education, he took up studies in psychology, economics, and was certified in disciplines such as in coaching, or innovation management.
His philosophy is that a combination of theoretical background and practical experience is mandatory for leaders, coaches, and trainers to provide quality. He participated in over 100 projects and product development endeavours in Europe, Australia, USA, and worked with outsourced teams in China and India. He has been studying and applying agile principles since 1998, and especially Scrum since 1999. Since 2009 he works with LeSS.
As one of only 16 Certified LeSS Trainers world-wide he helps companies, teams, and individuals to understand Scrum and LeSS, and to change their way of working. Simplification, constant learning, and to enjoy what you do, and are his main motivators. He shares his knowledge and expertise in his trainings, coaching, and community events. He is the initiator of the Agile Austria Conference, the LeSS Meetup Graz, and co-organizer of the Scrum User Group Graz. With his enthusiasm he loves to inspire others, and to make the world of work a more enjoyable place.",

Agile enthusiast since 1998. Entrepreneur, innovator, coach, and trainer as passion. Proud Certified LeSS Trainer. Enabler of LeSS, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and agile coach for individuals, teams, and enterprises in more than 100 endeavours on 3 continents, with projects up to 800 people, volumes up to 1,2 Billion US$, and organizations up to 16.000 employees. And still agile ;)

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Wolfgang Richter