The Lean Scrum Master - What We Can Gain from Lean Thinking (EN) Featured

15:00 - 16:00 Agile Mind(Set)

Speaker: Christoph Schmied
Language: English
Format: Talk

It is nothing new anymore that Agile has many of its roots within the Discipline of Lean Thinking and the Asian culture. But how do the pillars, principles, etc. of Lean affect the work of a Scrum Master. Can we even find some of those in the habits of (good) Scrum Master?

Description: This talk aims to help Scrum Masters and other Agilists to reflect their way of working on the Foundations of Lean. Therefore, I will start with some quotes of famous leaders of the Toyota Production System to set the stage. Afterwards I will introduce the House of Lean including its Foundation, the pillars, the lean Principles, values and tools. Based on the House I will facilitate some small group discussion so that the participants will get the change to reflect and learn within the session. As a closing I will share my personal view on how it helped me on my journeys and where I realized that my personal Scrum Master Style fits very well with the principles of Lean.

Learning objectives:

  • get an overview about Lean and its structure
  • understand why it is equally important to work on the individuals and the environment as it is to work on the team itself
  • get the change to reflect their working style and focus areas
  • be able to generate ideas on how to adopt lean ideas into their agile life

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