Agile with a Smile (4)

Once we are past the arrival lounge and have passed customs, it is time to leisurely gather your agile takeaways. In this track we want to have a look at all of our travel bags and check out what we bought in the duty-free shops. We want to entertain you and make you smile. After all, the journey is the goal. Let’s have fun with it.

11:00 - 12:00

Agile Transformation – ein sinnvolles Vorhaben sinnlos angegangen (DE) Featured

Speaker: Eike Wagner
Language: German
Format: Vortrag

Anhand von realen Beispielen aus agilen Transformationen in verschiedenen Organisationen werden konkrete Vorgehenselemente vorgestellt und aus verschiedenen Perspektiven beleuchtet

Beschreibung: Auf der Basis meiner langjährigen Erfahrung mit Veränderungsprozessen stelle ich konkrete Beispiele für wirksames und unwirksames Agieren bei der agilen Transformation mit einem gelegentlichen Augenzwinkern vor.

Teilbereiche der agilen Transformation, die ich betrachten werde, sind zum Beispiel:

  • Agile Qualitätsverbesserung in der Fahrzeugentwicklung
  • Agile Strategieentwicklung in der Produktion
  • Design Sprints zu Agile HR
  • Skalierung von agilem Arbeiten in der Softwareentwicklung
  • Agile Prozessoptimierung in einem Staatsbetrieb

  • Lernziele:

  • Implementierung bewährtes Agile Framework versus Eigenentwicklung
  • Kulturelle Aspekte von Agilität (u.a. Japan, Deutschland, USA, Brasilien)
  • Rolle des Project Owners (Vor- und Nachteile, wenn er früher Assistent des Sponsors war)
  • Erster Anlauf klassisch gescheitert: Ergebnisse übertragen oder neu starten?
  • Viele Wege führen nach Rom … und Backlogs funktionieren mit Klebezetteln, Excel, Jira
  • Venue:
    Mayer Zimmer
    15:00 - 16:00

    Full Metal Agile - Redux (EN) Featured

    Speaker: Robert Finan
    Language: English
    Format: Talk

    Since presenting the first Full Metal Agile in 2018, a couple of more cartoons have been added to the Agile Drill Sergeant canon - so I'll be going behind the scenes and telling the stories that inspired those new strips!

    Description: "The Agile Drill Sergeant webcomic originally started out as a challenge to actually finish 12 cartoon strips - as my success rate before that had been zero. I applied agile thinking to getting minimal viable comics finished and - lo and behold - it has since become a hobby resulting in nearly 100 comics. And they're all about my experiences (and those of my friends) with Agile!

    In my presentation I'll talk about what inspired several of the cartoons and the learnings that I took away from the experiences. They cover my work as a coach and scrum master, team dynamics and managerial hubris. So there should be something for everyone!"

    Learning objectives: For all the agile coaches, scrum masters and teams that have laughed and cried about their agile journey - you're not alone! Hopefully as you recognise similar situations and experiences, you'll leave with a smile on your face ;-)

    Mayer Zimmer
    13:00 - 14:30

    Think Like a Game Designer (EN) Featured

    Speaker: Philipp Horwath
    Language: English
    Format: Workshop

    Designing Games is like developing a product only that the main cause is entertainment. If it’s not fun, nobody plays it. The game designer has the challenge to assume that his/her game rules, makes the game more entertaining, but this is decided by the player. It is a very hard lesson to learn and to admit. In this workshop we will change common games to see how they affect the behaviour and user experience.

    Description: The Playcentric Game Design Approach is an iterative process for developing games and focussing on your target audience. In this course we use a simplified model how the player experience (user experience) and the game rules are connected. With this model in mind we start to develop new game rules and see how the affect changes the fun. As game designer you assume that your rules work, but in reality it is quite often the opposite. This can be sometimes devastating, but it is a necessary lesson to become a good design. We start with common games, establish the core game mechanics and extend, reflect, create and playtest too learn how the change affect and change the game. We inspect the “way of playing” which results in the player experience. It is an easy way for a new audience to get an impression what the Art of Game Design is about … and most of all it is a lot of fun. Because in games some conditions of product development are fixed, that last part of this workshop will be a translation and comparison to product development.

    Learning objectives:

  • MDA Framework for designing games
  • The Game Designers Mindset
  • Game Design Practice I
  • Playcentric Game Design Approach
  • Game Design Practice II
  • Fun and Play
  • Game Design Practice III
  • Parallels to Product Development & Agile
  • Venue:
    Mayer Zimmer
    16:15 - 17:15

    Changeland Metafinanz - Auf dem Weg zu einer agilen Organisation(DE) Featured

    Speaker: Thomas Resch
    Language: German
    Format: Vortrag

    Beschreibung: Freuen Sie sich auf einen spannenden Vortrag über den Wandlungsprozess eines Unternehmens. Wie funktioniert Selbstorganisation, wie lernt man den Umgang damit? Wie definiert man das Thema Führung in der agilen Welt? Wie schaffen Mitarbeiter den Weg vom Angestellten zum Entrepreneur? Und warum ist der Weg hart, anstrengend und „krass geil“? Die metafinanz hat vieles probiert, Rückschläge verarbeitet, Erfolge gefeiert und sich ständig neu erfunden. Heute inspirieren wir Unternehmen für die Zukunft der Arbeit und begleiten Sie im Changeprozess.
    Mayer Zimmer
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