April 29th, 2021

April 28, 2021

The second day at the Agile Austria Conference 2021

Agile Mind(Set)

“Don’t do agile – be agile.” In our main arrival lounge, we will provide you with our core travel tour guides. They will focus on the journey essentials and give you the newest insights paired with old wisdoms about agility, thus making sure to present you with the information you need to reach your destination.

Agile with a Smile

Once we are past the arrival lounge and have passed customs, it is time to leisurely gather your agile takeaways. In this track we want to have a look at all of our travel bags and check out what we bought in the duty-free shops. We want to entertain you and make you smile. After all, the journey is the goal. Let’s have fun with it.

Agile Hangover

Right before you leave the airport and head over to customs, we have a lounge area for you, in case your journey was not that pleasant. This is a track for those who want to pass on their advice to fellow travelers, about which airlines and airports to avoid and which flights not to take. Within this track we want to offer room dedicated to those, who want to share and discuss the travel arrangements all together.

Agile Hangar

For those of you, who want to trespass and explore, we want to offer the agile hangar, where the traveler him- or herself can work hands-on together with the groundcrew to assist in checking what has happened to our plane during the journey. This is a workshop track, providing you with additional possibilities to interact on our agile airfield.

Open Track

The Open Track is our experiment this year. It works similar to an Open Space. Reserve your 30 minutes speaker's slot during the conference and surprise the participants with your bonus talk. This is your chance to get from the waiting list right on to the flight.

Coaches Clinic

Coaches Clinic Icon

A platform to match experienced Agile Coaches with interested newbies and anyone using Agile methods or working in a - more or less - Agile environment.

Come and ask your questions! Get answers, get ideas, get guidance in a free 15-minute coaching session!

Want some help with specific challenges you have encountered on your way to a more agile way of working? Come to the Coaches Clinic! Based on individual needs, participants are matched with volunteer Agile Coaches. Here you can talk one-on-one with an experienced Agile Coach, who can help you finding answers to technical practices, role and organizational changes, motivational and personal consequences, Scrum, Kanban, Scaling Agile, SAFe, LeSS, Agile Coaching as a career path, getting satisfaction in your professional aspiration and many other topics.

The Coaches Clinic will be open on both conference days from 10:30 to 16:00. You can make an appointment or just walk in.
Look for the schedule board in the Coaches Clinic area!

Location: Business Lounge, Ground Floor
Organization: The Coaches Clinic is organized by Dietmar Stockinger.

If you want to participate as a volunteer Agile Coach, providing knowledge, skills, and experience that support Agile transformations
for both individuals and organizations, please contact directly: dietmar.stockinger@wirecard.com oder mail@dietmar-stockinger.com