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Once we are past the arrival lounge and have passed customs, it is time to leisurely gather your agile takeaways. In this track we want to have a look at all of our travel bags and check out what we bought in the duty-free shops. We want to entertain you and make you smile. After all, the journey is the goal. Let’s have fun with it.

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Scrum Master Learning Journey @RBI (EN) Featured

Speakers: Zvonimir Durcevic & Hayde Noemi Lopez Martinez
Language: English
Format: Talk

Scrum Master Learning Journey @RBI is a story about the development of the learning journey and a cohort-based program for Scrum Masters at Raiffeisen Bank International.

Description: The authors Zvonimir Durcevic and Hayde Noemi Lopez Martinez will tell a story about how the Scrum Master Learning Journey and Program and share what they have learned from the feedback. The adaptive journey of RBI started in 2011 with the first scrum projects. Throughout the following years, RBI learned a lot about the different aspects of agile methods. The whole organization's focus on an adaptive journey came with "Adaptive transformation," which started in 2017. With a growing number of "Agile Product Teams," it became necessary to prepare people who will take the role of the Scrum Master in those teams. A group of agile coaches responsible for the "Adaptive transformation"" offered internal training and external certification. From the beginning, the aim was to create an ongoing process of "becoming a Scrum Master" and a program, a time-boxed cohort-based learning experience.

The talk comprises the following topics:
1) Start of the transformation
- Introduction to the organization and the adaptive transformation.
2) The beginning: how did we start developing the learning journey and the program
- Description of the opportunities and challenges a group of agile coaches had at the beginning of our journey.
3) Scrum Master Learning Journey & Program
- The main concepts behind the learning journey and a program. The description of the differences.
3) Principles on which we built the program
- We are all learners
- Self-directions and readiness to learn
- We welcome the experience of participants
- We continuously collect feedback
- In the creation of the training material and assignment, we value
-- Learning by doing
-- Relevance for the work and life of participants
4) The Structure of the Scrum Master Program
- Five months program with three modules (3 x 1 week) and two learning phases ( 2 x 2 months)
5) Organizational support
- How did we get help from the organization?
6) What did we learn?
- Feedback from participants
- Feedback from trainers
- Feedback from the organization
7) Question and Answers

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the principles we used in the creation of learning journey and the program
  • Share the story and feedback we got
  • Describe the structure of the Scrum Master Program
  • Describe how we integrated the feedback in the creation process
  • Describe the synergies we had between different departments in RBI during the creation process
  • Venue:
    Mayer Zimmer
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